Our Story

The Swans was born at the kitchentable.  During a family dinner we discussed our search for a new boxershort.  And to be honest; we could not find one which met our requirements.

In a leading warehouse in Amsterdam, we were standing next to huge campaign posters of Justin Bieber, David Beckham, Ronaldo and a few other sixpacks, featuring boxers in the most colorful printouts. Come on guys, do we look like these sixpacks? Should we pay 30 euros for a boxer made in the Far East? Are we taken seriously in an asterisk underpants? Do we want to wear underpants with huge logo’s on the elastic band, do we want bamboo to our buttocks, are we family of the panda bear??

Our answer is NO. That is why we have been looking for a boxer for man like us, for which you do not pay for marketing and sixpack guys but for a fair top product, made by grown-ups who earn a normal salary and work under good conditions.

This proved to be very difficult.

After a long search for the perfect model, fit, fabric and manufacturer we arrived in Porto, Portugal. At a small factory near the Rio Douro, 30 adult women make the most beautiful products daily and always strive for the highest quality. This manufacturer joined us for this adventure and together we developed the Swans.

The concept is simple; Make the best underpants in 1 color and 2 models. No marketing, no fuss. Just a fair top product for which we also pay a fair price to the ladies in Porto. Do not expect visible logos, irritating labels on the inside, chemical dyes or plastic packaging. The Swans is designed and produced how an underpants has to be!  Men, we are taken seriously again.


With love,

Team Swans